Research and policy analyses are conducted at the Zigler Center, in order to fulfill the Center's mission of improving the well being of children and families by bringing objective child development research into the policy and public arenas.

The Center has seven Research and Policy Programs:

Research at the Zigler Center focuses on topics such as: Head Start, pre-kindergarten programs, child care, child abuse and neglect, mental health services, the impact of electronic media, immigrant students' and families' experiences in schools, and the impact of school-based interventions on children's academic and social development.

Policy analysis projects focus on areas such as: federal policy which impacts children and their families living in poverty; state and federal policy on child care; parental leave; school-linked/school-based family support services for children at risk, and international early childhood policies. In addition, Center faculty and fellows engage in direct policy work at the federal, state and international levels, including providing testimony before legislative bodies, working with legislators on developing legislation, and consulting to officials in the executive branch.

Research and policy analyses are conducted by Zigler Center Faculty and Fellows. These research and policy activities result in many publications and presentations each year. For information on recent publications, see our Publications page and our Faculty members' pages.